Fewer quality marks on pork

By FWi staff

LESS guaranteed British pork is being sold in supermarkets than this time last year, concludes a new survey by Bernard Partridges Crisis-in-Pigs group.

The survey, for the three months to June, showed that only 78% of pork carried the quality standard mark logo and can therefore be guaranteed as being bred, produced and processed in the UK, compared with 83% a year ago.

According to BPEXs Mick Sloyan this reflected the decline in the British pig herd, which is now 15% lower than it was last year, and the need for more imports.

Out of the supermarkets, Tesco most readily displayed the mark and was described by the report as the “fresh pork hero”.

Waitrose was singled out as being a “villain”, because it refuses to use the mark on packaging, due to a labelling clash.

A spokeswoman said: “We believe our own assurance standards are above the quality mark. All our pork comes from British suppliers and carries the MLCs British Meat logo.”


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