FFA poised for fuel protest action

FARMERS FOR Action will decide on whether to take action against the soaring fuel prices this weekend (June 5/6), FFA chairman David Handley has told Farmers Weekly.

“We‘ve sent our message to the government. We‘re getting support from all over the country. We will be meeting in the weekend to decide what to do.”

“If the Prime Minister has not done anything by Friday, I think the time has come for us to do something. Then there will be no more talking,” Mr Handley said.

He refused to be drawn on the issue of what form eventual protests would take:

“There‘s a number of things we can do. But whatever we do, we will try to minimise the disruption to the general public.”

Any action taken is likely to be aimed primarily at the government.

“Just think about the situation. We have a great opportunity in this country to produce fuel from alternative sources such as oilseed crops.

“It would be good for farming and the environment, and it could help sort out the kind of situation we are facing now.”

“And yet, we‘ve heard nothing from the government about these issues. It is time for them to wake up,” Mr Handley said.

Meanwhile, Tory leader Michael Howard has said he may well support fuel protests if they are lawful.

Mr Howard told the BBC he had asked Tony Blair not to go ahead with the planned 1.92p hike in fuel duty in September.

Asked if the Conservatives would back new protests he said: “I think that as long as they are peaceful and within the law they may well be supported.”

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