Finding somewhere to shoot

22 January 2001

Finding somewhere to shoot

ANDY Clough of Harrogate is having trouble getting permission to shoot on farmers land (Shooting frustration, FWi Open Forum, 09 October, 2000).

Heres what to do:

First, find a gamekeeper who will be willing to let you go beating on his shoot.

Gain his confidence, dont take any mates from the town with you, dont tell anybody what you see on the shoot, especially regarding positions of pens etc, dont mix with any riff-raff.

You will be invited on the
beaters day shoot, though not with an air rifle, and after a few years you might even be allowed to shoot a deer or other vermin.

You will have need for a shotgun certificate later on and will need to have a good police record.

A firearms certifitcate will be needed in years to come, so make sure you behave yourself.

Having licenses to shoot is one of the best incentives to good behaviour that I can think of. I would rather loose my driving license that loose my gun licenses.

Think how many gun-licence holders were on the Countryside March three years ago – and how there was no trouble from them.

Jim Roper, Chickerell, Dorset

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