Finished cattle quiet on mixed trade

By FWi staff

THE market for finished cattle remains quiet, with only minor price movements at auction markets across England and Wales yesterday (Monday).

Average steer prices closed up 0.75p on the week to 86.86p/kg. Light steers (74 sold) gained 4.46p to 88.72p/kg. Medium steers (603 sold) gained 0.58p to 87.17p/kg. Heavy steers (1494 sold) gained 0.62p to 86.38p/kg.

Heifers took a knock, however. The average heifer price fell 0.88p to 85.80p/kg. Light heifers (143 sold) dropped 2.15p to 85.21p/kg. Medium heifers (973 sold) were down 0.37p to 86.07p/kg. Heavy heifers (943 sold) eased 1.30p to 84.95p/kg.

Young bulls met with a mixed trade and dropped 0.22p to average 88.89p/kg. Light bulls (100 sold) gained 3.15p to 89.66p/kg. Medium bulls (541 sold) lost 0.07p to 89.40p/kg. Heavy bulls (343 sold) eased 1.15p to 87.87p/kg.

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