First a smell, now a stench in Parliament Square

25 April 2000

First a smell, now a stench in Parliament Square

SO Winnies calibre of Commons speaker has moved up from Home Officer Minister Charles Clarke to leader of the House of Commons Margaret Beckett. Not bad for a grunter of non-importance!

Margaret Beckett told MPs in the House of Commons
the Parliament Square protest was manned by “pigs working shifts” and “not one single pig”. Who knows whether she is insulting the local, supportive police or the farmers, or just unaware that the UK pig industry would probably struggle on numbers to man (or is it pig) the site on such a basis?

Winnie and her minders have moved from Parliament Square once to register for the mayoral race and twice at the request of the police, but we recall that was because they feared for her life at the hands of violent, life-endangering protesters, not Winnie-like, peaceful types.

The police allowed her peaceful return to protest
once the danger was removed.

Was it not the government last week who raised the issue of swine movement orders which could have restricted Winnies mayoral travels? So instruct your local Parliamentary Authority to check their SWOs.

Madame Beckett and all should be revealed. Winnie is peaceful, legal and publically supported, unlike many so-called protesters, so why pick on her, the poor girl. Obviously not a Blair Babe, eh?

Cmon Millbank, knocking Winnie twice in a week is just not fair. Have you emptied Kens supposed dirty tricks bag? If the Labour mayoral candidate were to take on Winnies 10-Oink Plan he may truffle up some much-needed support.

Message to Margaret – please come over, to date we dont think you have signed our honest labelling petition and visited Winnie. Regular visits Im sure would convince you by character of the same identity Winnie. Leave an indelible mark on her if you and her so agree, but please conform to animal rights – we do!

Further note – Many Royal Parks Police chiefs sighted and captured on camera on and around Parliament Square on Thursday pm. More dirty tricks maybe? A big, permanent fence maybe? Winnie an obstruction?

Third-party responsibility to moveWinnie this time, now thats more like the govt we know, isnt it?

Malcolm Baxter, Winterton, Lincolnshire

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