Floods keep spuds in the ground

By FWi staff

POTATO harvesting continues to be hindered by the weather, with last weeks floods destroying a few crops in the south and rain elsewhere delaying further lifting.

Markets were steadier last week as supplies become increasingly limited, and most movement was to store rather than sale.

Prices have eased slightly for wet and muddy loads in order to maintain movement.

In East Anglia and Lincolnshire, grade 1 Edward are mainly 150-170/t, Maris Piper 165/t for best and other whites 80-140/t.

Reds are worth 70-140/t, grade 2 samples 50-90/t.

Bagged samples are mostly 100/t up to 170/t for best Edward, 80-130/t for reds.

Prices in the south and Wales are steady, with bulk whites 90-120/t up to 140/t for best Desiree and Maris Piper.

Bagged samples are mainly 80-90/t, reds 75-105/t.

In the Midlands, bulk whites are 90-120/t, a few Piper 140/t for best, and reds mostly 80-150/t.

Bagged samples are mainly 70-100/t up to 110/t for best Maris Piper.

Bulk whites in the north are steady at 50-80/t, 90-100/t for best.

Bagged whites are mostly 70-80/t, up to 115/t for best Maris Piper.

In Scotland, bulk Edward are fetching 120-140/t, other whites mainly 70-100/t.

Bagged whites are worth 70-100/t, most 80-90/t.

The BPC weekly GB ex-farm average price continued downward last week by 5.07 to 90.50 , excluding bags.

This compares with 70.55/t last year.

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