Foot-and-mouth controls extended

31 August 2001

Foot-and-mouth controls extended

By FWi staff

FOOT-AND-MOUTH controls are being extended after the disease jumped beyond a 400-square mile restriction zone in northern England.

Three new foot-and-mouth outbreaks were confirmed in Northumberland on Friday (31 Aug), taking the number of cases to 16 within eight days.

At least two of the cases are believed to be outside a 400-square mile biosecurity zone which had been set up in a bid to stop the disease.

Outbreaks were confirmed at Low Eshells, Hexham; Greyside, Fourstones, Hexham; and Ellrington Hall, Haydon Bridge, on Friday (31 August).

Slaughter teams were moving in to cull 874 cattle and 2457 sheep on the infected holdings. Livestock on nearby holdings will also be killed.

Divisional Veterinary Manager Arthur Griffiths has asked for help from the Army in view of the number of animals which need to be culled.

This is extremely disappointing news which will mean a considerable extension of the infected area and the blue box restrictions, he said.

The onset of autumn will increase the risk of the disease spreading because foot-and-mouth is more difficult to control in colder weather.


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