Foot-and-mouth farm crisis website

31 March 2001

Foot-and-mouth farm crisis website

By FWi staff

AN ARTIST working with farming families has set up a website so farmers can tell other people the impact foot-and-mouth is having on rural communities.

Taylor Nuttall wants farming families and rural businesses to put their experiences of the crisis on the Internet so people across the world can see what is happening.

The aim of the Crisis Too Far project is to preserve a social, cultural and historical record on-line of this crisis in the countryside for future generations.

It will include personal accounts of the tragedy as well as farmers diaries, newspaper cuttings, photographs and drawings.

Mr Nuttall was commissioned by the Littoral/Projects Environment to work alongside the farming community to develop Internet-based art projects.

He started working with auctioneers and livestock markets in north-west England. But the foot-and-mouth crisis took over and the current project took over instead.

The initiative will form a part of a National Farming Documentation Project which aims to record the crisis on Britains farms over a five year period.

The Crisis too Far website is at

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