Freedom Foods announces publicity drive

15 July 1998

Freedom Foods announces publicity drive

By Catherine Hughes

THE RSPCA has announced two major initiatives in an effort to raise the profile of its Freedom Food range of produce.

A pilot TV advertising campaign will be launched in the Meridian region this autumn to draw attention to Freedom Foods high animal welfare standards.

If the advertisements meet with a positive response from consumers, the campaign could go nationwide next year.

The RSPCA has also announced a major research project to examine what impact the Freedom Food scheme is having on farm animal welfare standards.

Junior farm minister, Elliot Morley, welcomed the announcement. “This can only be good news for animal welfare and for the significant and increasing number of consumers who want to know what animal welfare standards have been met before they buy,” he said at the launch of the initiatives earlier today

Freedom Foods is supplied by 3500 farmers and aims to enlist a further 500 producers by the end of this year. More than 14 million animals are reared annually to Freedom Food standards and then sold in 4000 retail outlets nationwide.

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