Fresh food prices fall 10% in July

14 August 2001

Fresh food prices fall 10% in July

By FWi staff

FRESH food prices have fallen by almost 10% in the past month, new government figures reveal.

Seasonal food prices fell 9.8% in July, as farmers reported improved quality and quantities of crops, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports.

The report, entitled Consumer Price Indices July 2001 says the decrease was mainly felt in potatoes, other fresh vegetables and some fruit.

It said this fall follows the usual trend for July, although prices rose 4.9% last July.

Prices usually increase in August said the ONS, but again 2000 defied the pattern as prices fell 5.2% last August.

The cost of new potatoes, cauliflowers, carrots and lettuce fell after unusually high price increases earlier in the year due to flooding.

Good weather in May and June has resulted in an increased availability of supplies, pushing down prices, said the report.

Tomato, cucumber and strawberry prices also fell due to good supplies in the UK and abroad.

Among other foodstuffs, prices of bacon, beef and pork fell slightly compared to little overall price movement at the same time last year, said the report.


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