FT examines Tanzanias farms

31 March 1999

FT examines Tanzania’s farms

AGRICULTURE remains at the heart of the Tanzanian economy, reports the
Financial Times in an economic survey of the country.

But it is still in poor state and unable as yet to independently support the country.

Farming accounts for up to 60% of gross domestic product and provides a livelihood for 85% of the countrys 30m people.

Tanzanias maize crop has collapsed in two regions and most crops are only just at the production levels of 30 years ago.

Coffee and cotton have respectively declined and stagnated because of basic production problems.

The country faces difficulties in obtaining fertilisers and pesticides and funding for small farmers is limited.

The regions co-operative system is beset by corruption and poor accounts.

  • Financial Times 31/03/99 page IV (Tanzania survey)

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