Fuel blockade – what is going to happen?

3 November 2000

Fuel blockade – what is going to happen?

PROTESTERS plan to blockade fuel depots, and there is a
slow-moving convoy planed to end in London (Fuel protesters plan Jarrow crawl, FWi, 31 October, 2000).

But whos to say that other members of the public might join in?

It was being suggested that they blockade not only fuel depots but the food retailers and other suppliers to all areas.

Blair thinks he can stop the blockades by using the army but no tanker can, as he suggests, push its way through crowds and vehicles due to what it is carrying – one gallon of
fuel is equal to 82lb of TNT.

So who can tell what the farmers and truck-drivers will do next?

Guy Coggles, Tunbridge Wells, Kent


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