Full-width soil loosener

16 November 2001

Full-width soil loosener

GREATER interest in minimal tillage operations has led Dutzi to develop a soil loosening implement which, it is claimed, is able to lift and loosen soil across the entire width of the implement.

First sight of the 3m, tractor-mounted ML500 is to note a generous use of metal, both in the units headstock and leg carrying beams.

At the business end of the legs are wide V-shaped shares which all but touch the neighbouring share – Dutzi has chosen to put the implements four legs in line rather than in staggered formation. Each leg is held in work by a powerful spring, an arrangement which nullifies the need for shear-bolts or other means of leg protection.

Dutzi says the implement can be used at depths up to 50cm (20in) or as shallow as 5cm (2in) and emphasises it is the full-width operation that sets it apart from similarly tined units.

With pneumatic depth wheels price of the ML500 is £7834. &#42

Full width root cutting and soil loosening with the new Dutzi ML500.

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