Fun-run raises 10,000 for farmers

23 July 2001

Fun-run raises 10,000 for farmers

By FWi staff

ABOUT 10,000 has been raised for farmers by a team of runners who took part in a 10km British Open Road Race in London on Sunday (22 July).

Some 320 people formed the Countryside Team which was running to raise money for the National Farmers Union Supporting Farmers in Crisis fund.

About 20 people from NFU headquarters in London took part.

Among the runners was South African-born long-distance runner Zola Budd-Pieterse, who represented Britain in the 1984 Olympics.

NFU director general Richard Macdonald joined Clarissa Dickson Wright, the Lord Mayor of Westminster and Sir John Scott to start the road-race.

“It means a great deal to farmers that so many fund-raising activities – including this run – are being carried out to help them,” said Mr Macdonald.

“Every penny raised will be put to the best possible use. The support of every runner will be cherished by farmers and their families.”

The Supporting Farmers in Crisis Fund was set up to administer cash donations made in response to the foot-and-mouth crisis.

It is a fund for farming families hit by the disease and for the regeneration of the farming industry.

The fund will be boosted further when comedy rock group The Wurzels re-release their Combine Harvester single on 30 July.

Each sale of the CD will raise 50p for the fund.


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