Fungicide gives

23 January 1998

Fungicide gives

better control over mildew

A NEW cereal fungicide promising more effective and economical disease control should be available through selected Bayer distributors next month.

Active ingredient spiroxamine is said to be highly effective against mildew, active on rusts and useful against rhynchosporium and net blotch. The product, as Torch and Neon, is seen as an ideal partner for triazoles or strobilurins. Its price will be competitive with morpholines, says Bayer.

Spiroxamine protects against new infection as well as tackling that already present in the crop and is also claimed to enhance the absorption of other fungicides.

Laboratory trials show spiroxamine increased translocation of tebuconazole by 58% over three hours and by almost 100% 24 hours after application, notes product manager Graham Jenner.

"Disease control is at least as good as from the best morpholines and other partner fungicides. Spiroxamine tackles diseases more comprehensively than others which tend to be either protectant or eradicant only." It can also help guard against mildew resistance, he adds. &#42

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