FUW welcomes delay to earlyretirement scheme

04 August 1998

FUW welcomes delay to early
retirement scheme

By FWi staff

THE Farmers Union of Wales has welcomed the Governments decision to delay the introduction of an early retirement scheme for farmers – saying the package in its current form was “inappropriate”.

The FUWs position is a far cry from the National Farmers Unions stance; It criticised the Government for the delay.

Bob Parry, FUW president, said: “I welcome the fact that the new agriculture minister Nick Brown has recognised the reservations expressed by the FUW and others about the scheme as it stands.”

The FUW supports, in principle, the concept of an early retirement scheme but remains opposed to the one offered.

Mr Parry said the scheme was seen as unsuitable by the unions vast majority of members because of the European Union restrictions that came with it.

To qualify for the scheme – which has now been withdrawn – farm holdings would have had to have been amalgamated. This would have created larger farms without tackling the real long-term problem of reducing the average age of farmers, he said.

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