Gel for hygiene

31 July 1998



Fly-away spray keeps buzzers down

KEEP flies and insects away from dairies, milking parlours and farm buildings with Fly Free Zone, says maker Fly Away.

Approved for use in food storage areas, Fly Free Zone will knock down flies quickly and has a residual effect, adds the company. It is also said to be effective for the control of midges, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, cockroaches, fleas, beetles, mites, and ticks.

Fly Free Zone is supplied as a ready-to-use liquid. Each 500ml hand sprayer costs £3.40, or an economy 5 litre size costs £15.95 (01785-714009, fax 01785-714440).

Instant mix with milk replacer

MIXING calf milk substitute in water is now as easy as making instant coffee, using Galaxy milk replacer, which dissolves in water, says British Denkavit.

This granular milk replacer is said to be easier to use and more convenient than powder, and is suitable for use in most rearing systems, from buckets to automatic machines. The water can be added to the granules, unlike a powder, and it needs little mixing, it adds.

Galaxys ease of mixing also reduces the risk of error, with improved milk quality, digestibility and subsequent calf performance, it says.

Each 15kg bag costs about £18.65 (0800-592119).

Gel for hygiene

on the hoof…

RELIEF from digital dermatitis at lower cost than antibiotics is available with Hoof Gel, says Osmonds.

The firm says 90% of cows treated with the topical natural product were cleaner after one treatment, with the rest improving after two or three treatments. Results for Hoof Gel were similar to animals treated with antibiotic sprays, it adds.

The green coloured gel is said to be easy to apply, with its consistency helping to ensure good coverage.

A 200ml bottle, enough to clean 25 cattle hooves, costs £15.90 (01482-665781, fax 01482-665782).

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