Gemini under investigation

8 August 2001

Gemini under investigation

ROBERT NAYLOR, who farms with his sons at Uffington near Stamford, has finished oilseed rape and winter barley and has made a start on wheat.

However, a crop of Gemini is under investigation for a pod set problem. This is the first year of growing the variety, although the farm has grown hybrids before.

“The oilseed rape harvest was disappointing.” Fortress, Madrigal and Escort all yielded about 2.5t/ha (1t/acre), which is below average. Gemini averaged 1.5t/ha (0.6t/acre).

“It looked a lovely crop, but there was nothing there. It also varied, the combine monitor changed from 0.3t/ha to 3t/ha in different places.”

The winter barley has done better. Pearl, Regina and Gleam all averaged about 7.4t/ha (3t/acre), which is average for the farm.

Nitrogen is between 1.7-1.8% and he hopes it will make malting standard.

Forty hectares (100 acres) of Claire have been combined before the rain. “Im a little disappointed with them, but its not a disaster.”

He is concerned how quickly the crop ripened in the hot spell. There are 200 ha (500 acres) of wheat on the farm including Malacca and Shamrock.

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