Getting those good pulsations in the parlour

29 October 1999


Glow with no glare when spots hot…

KEEP youngstock warm without the glare using Hot Spot heaters, says manufacturer Aico.

It says the heaters emit no glare, allowing animals natural darkness for rest, and they will withstand knocks, blows and water.

The ceramic infra-red design heats animals, not surrounding air and doesnt use fans which should result in a cleaner, less stuffy environment. They are also said to be more energy efficient than some other types of heater.

Hot Spots can be suspended from ceilings or hung high on walls. Protective grills are also available.

Prices start from £100 (01691-657466, fax 01691-679559).

Feed supplement keeps up the fat

MINIMISE body fat breakdown in pre-calving cows using feed supplement, Transition Cow, says manufacturer Intermol.

The liquid supplement is said to contain sugars, vitamins, minerals and bypass proteins. Glucose precursors – the building blocks of glucose – allow the cow to produce glucose without having to resort to breaking down body fat, says the company.

It aims to enhance milk yield and quality, and reduce metabolic disease risk.

Feeding recommendations are 2kg/day for three to four weeks before calving. The supplement can be fed in a trough, on grass silage or in a total mixed ration.

It costs about £19/cow (0151-944 3931, fax 0151-944 3919).

Energy booster

BOOST fertility and improve health in dairy and beef cattle with Breeder Plus drench, marketed by Wynnstay Farmers.

The product is an energy supplement containing bioavailable multi-vitamins and chelated trace elements. It is designed to enhance the reproductive performance of high yielding and high index dairy cows, enabling them to show bulling and hold to service better, says the company.

Breeder Plus can be administered as a drench or via drinking water or feed.

It costs £42.50 for one litre and £93.75 for 2.5 litres (01691-828512, fax 01691-828690).

Getting those good pulsations in the parlour

PRODUCERS should not feel tied into their parlour manufacturers when it comes to purchasing pulsation systems.

This message came from Axient as it launched its digital pulsation system, designed to operate with virtually any parlour and any liner/shell combinations.

Mark Scrivens, Axients technical manager said the system is also cheaper than proprietary brands at about £10/unit, or £1,900 for a 20 unit parlour.

Service costs of less than £5/unit a year are also low, which is important when most milk buyers are now asking for at least an annual service of the whole milking system, he added.

The system has an average life expectancy of 15 years (01270-536670, fax 01270-536671).


The correct phone number for Minsups is 01606-556161, not as stated on Oct 15.

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