Gloomy forecast for Scots cereals

28 April 1998

Gloomy forecast for Scots cereals

THE National Farmers Union of Scotland said there was little scope for a significant rise in cereal prices in the near future.

George Lyon, president, said he was dubious of Government assurances that the strength of Sterling was a short-term problem.

He said cereal growers had been attacked as fat cats for too long and the Government had accused them of being over-compensated when cereal prices were high. He claimed statistics showed otherwise.

The cereals committee convener said the next setback was likely to arrive on 3 May with the almost certain revaluation of the Green Pound and an expected 3.5% cut in arable aid.

Lyon and his colleagues are becoming increasingly frustrated at what they see as government inaction.

  • The Scotsman 28/04/98 page 28

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