Gloria does it for travel-sick poultry

11 May 1998

Gloria does it for travel-sick poultry

PROFESSOR John Webster, of the University of Bristol, has invented an artificial hen called Gloria which could help improve transit conditions for poultry.

Gloria, a chicken-sized box covered in deep pile carpet, has been placed in travelling crates with real hens to measure the exact conditions the birds experience.

He concluded the lorries used to transport poultry are badly designed with the birds huddled together and far too hot when the vehicle is stationary. When it moves at 50mph, the birds are too cold.

He says this explains why so many hens die from either heat stroke of hypothermia when they are travelling in numbers of up to 6,000.

Now four Glorias have been used to map hot and cold spots on six different poultry lorries. Guidelines have been produced to show how to modify the vehicle to make the hens lives less miserable.

  • The Times 11/05/98 page 15

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