GM watchdogs work for AgrEvo

04 August 1999

GM watchdogs work for AgrEvo

TWO scientists responsible for monitoring the governments genetically modified (GM) food trials also work for a GM company, reports The Guardian.

Bob May and Alan Dewar of the Institute of Arable Crops Research were appointed in June by the Department of the Environment to look at the potential adverse impact of farm trials.

The work involves testing crops sold by AgrEvo, the Norfolk-based GM company.

But prior to this appointment they had been engaged by the same company to look for the environmental benefits of the companys crops.

Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace called for the scientists to resign.

Dr Les Firbank of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, the overall leader of the scientific team working on the department of the environment project, said the scientists involvement with AgrEvo would not detract from the independence of the science.

  • The Guardian 04/08/99 page 2

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