Good wheat quality in Kent

7 August 2001

Good wheat quality in Kent

MARTIN BOULDEN, who farms at Aldington, in Kent has combined 162ha (400ha) out of 405ha (1000 acres) of winter wheat with the farms two combines.

There have been three varieties. They started with Soissons, which had a monitor yield of 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre). Malacca yielded 8.6-9.2t/ha (3.5-3.75t/acre) and Hereward has so far yielded about the same. “These are about -0.3t/acre (-0.7t/ha) down from average.”

The quality is good. They all have Hagberg over 300. Protein for Soissons is 13-13.5% and Malacca is 12.5-13%. Moisture has been between 13% (on Malacca) and 18% (on Hereward).

Soil on the farm ranges from Romney Marshland, Weald clay to lighter land. The wheat crop was drilled by October, and he says there is not a great acreage of wheat combined in the area.

He notes there is a difference across the different types of soil, with lighter well-drained land yielding higher.

“The oilseed rape harvest was disappointing.” Apex struggled to yield 2.5t/ha (1t/acre) and he says this is typical for the area this year. “On the heavy Weald clay prolonged wet weather ruined the crop.”

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