Good winter barley yield on light land

9 August 2001

Good winter barley yield on light land

GORDON RENNIE, who farms at St. Monans near Anstruther in Fife has combined 89ha (220 acres) from 100ha (250 acres) of winter barley, using GPS field mapping.

Pearl yielded 7.4t/ha (3t/acre), which is slightly above average. However the farm, which is based on sandy to medium loam, is a different case from the norm on heavier land.

“In the area, on heavy land, it has been the most disastrous harvest since farmers started growing malting barley in a serious way twenty years ago.

“Siberia crops, which could potentially yield 5t/acre have been yielding 2t/acre.”

The quality of the Pearl makes malting standard. It was combined at 16% moisture, nitrogen 1.5-1.6% and 2% screenings.

He also grew a six-row variety Pict. This yielded 9t/ha (3.6t/acre) which is 20% more than the Pearl.

“It is a quality sample. It is a similar bushel to Pearl at 65Kg/hl. Im well impressed.”

The farm also grows spring barley, which will be fit in two weeks and winter wheat will be fit in September.

He is growing an experimental spring malting blend, which looks good. “Watch this space,” he says.

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