Grain quality check offer

12 June 1998

Grain quality check offer

GROWERS keen to know how their grain quality measuring equipment compares with that of other buyers and UK accredited laboratories can take advantage of a Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association ring test.

The facility, covering both specific weight devices and NIR protein analysis equipment, provides clients with six standard samples twice a year and provides reports on the measurements obtained, says CCFRAs Pat Eycott.

For 28 clients taking part recently, specific weight readings varied by nearly 3kg/hl, says Mrs Eycott.

Cost of the specific weight check system is £180 a year (£130 for CCFRA members). NIR check charges start at £250 a year.

Farmer user

WILTSHIRE organic farmer and flour miller Michael Marriage uses CCFRA services to counter product complaints, such as when glass was recently found in Doves Farm flour.

"The association proved the glass came from domestic mixing bowls," he says.

Samples from the farms mill are also assessed at CCFRA for biological and pesticide contamination. "We are being asked for a lot more microbiological information by buyers," says Mr Marriage.

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