Grass weed challenge

14 January 2000

Grass weed challenge

BLACKGRASS on the boulder clay and wild oats on the light land are key agronomy challenges faced by Mr Latham and his long-time agronomist Jamie Mackay of AICC. All chemicals come through the Samco buying group.

"We try to get on top of the blackgrass in the rape," says Mr Latham. "This year we have used Kerb, because with the no-cultivation system the blackgrass germinates from on top and picks up the chemical very quickly. It has given us good control.

"We have been experimenting with Lexus/Stomp mixtures on early first wheats with high blackgrass populations and they have worked extremely well. Elsewhere IPU and Hawk has been very effective.

"My uncles land has resistant blackgrass, and there early post-emergence Avadex followed by IPU/ Hawk has done a fantastic job."

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