Green compost – on the move

26 October 2001

Green compost – on the move

TRAILER manufacturer Harry West claims to have built the worlds first mobile in-vessel green waste composting trailer.

The 40cu m capacity, stainless steel unit seals airtight using a hydraulic lid and, to allow excess water to drain out of the compost, has a porous floor to let fluid seep into a storage tank. Rear mounted fans are designed to keep the trailers temperature and moisture levels constant.

In operation the trailer is filled with pulped green waste and left to compost for about three weeks before being emptied. Harry West points out that the completely sealed unit destroys soil pathogens and weed seeds to improve the value of the finished compost.

Price of the Harry West mobile composter available on request. &#42

Composting on the move with Harry Wests mobile composter. It is designed to work in a three week emptying and loading cycle, says the company.

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