Groundwater rules to hit sheep-farmers hard

22 April 1998

Groundwater rules to hit sheep-farmers hard

COMPLIANCE with draft groundwater regulations could cost agriculture in the United Kingdom £489 million, the National Office of Animal Health said.

The Scotsman reports Scottish sheep-farmers would be hardest hit because of the need to dispose of used dipwash – costing them £5m. This would include producers who are currently operating perfectly safe waste disposal systems, it says.

The new regulations are still in draft form and are subject to a consultation.

Its estimated that 10,000 sheep farms could be affected in Scotland alone if the regulations are implemented. As the draft currently stands the minimum average cost of compliance is £500 per farm.

The Scottish National Farmers Union has called for the Government to consider a more business-sensitive approach.

  • The Scotsman 22/04/98 page 30

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