Guardian focuses on organic labels

7 April 2000

Guardian focuses on organic labels

By FWi staff

ORGANIC labels may be less comforting than consumers think because certification bodies operate to different standards, reports The Guardian.

In a two-page feature under the headline Poor Marks, the paper says there is a “growing feeling that [organic] standards have been set too low”.

Of the seven bodies responsible for inspecting and certifying organic food, four operate stricter standards than the legally required minimum, it adds.

The government body which sets the minimum standard for organic food is called the UK Register of Organic Food Standards (UKROFS).

Organic Farmers and Growers and the Scottish Organic Producers Association both operate to UKROFS standards, reports the paper.

But the Organic Food Federation, the Soil Association, Demeter, and the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association all have stricter policies.

Until a new organic gold standard is awarded, consumers should be aware that “some products are more organic than others”, The Guardian concludes.

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