Hague voices support for Tony Martin

26 April 2000

Hague voices support for Tony Martin

By FWi staff

WILLIAM HAGUE has called for longer sentences for criminals, and greater protection for people who confront burglars, in the wake of the Tony Martin case.

The Opposition leader will tell a public meeting that Mr Martins conviction for shooting dead a burglar has triggered “an explosion of anger and resentment”.

Mr Martin was jailed for life last week for the murder of 16-year-old Fred Barras during a break-in on his farm near Emneth, Wisbech, last August.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Hagues speech is “the most significant political reaction to the jailing of the Norfolk farmer.

The Times believes that the move is “a clear attempt to respond to public concerns raised by the Tony Martin case.

The Tory leader will pledge that the next Conservative government would overhaul the justice system so that the State sides with home-owners not burglars.

The Independent says that Mr Hague will claim that Tony Blair and Home Secretary Jack Straw have failed to protect the public from criminals.

describes Mr Hagues call for stricter laws as “one of his most populist moves since taking over as Tory leader”.

In a half-page analysis, the newspaper also reports the news that Norwich Crown Court has rejected claims that the jury in Mr Martins trial was nobbled.

The publicist Max Clifford, who has given Mr Martin free advice, has made it known that he believes the farmers conviction is a miscarriage of justice.

Mr Martins lawyers are expected to launch an appeal against his conviction on Friday (28 April).

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