Harvest variable in east Kent

20 August 2001

Harvest variable in east Kent

HARVEST has been variable for Nicholas Baxter, who farms with his father Michael at Sarre, between Canterbury and Margate.

They have now combined about one quarter of their winter wheat. He says they are behind time at this stage, but weather permitting could be finished in two weeks.

“Claire has yielded reasonably well at about 4t/acre (10t/ha). But in the field we are currently combining the yield monitor is reading up to 5-5.6t/acre (12.3-13.8t/ha).

“We would hope for a 12t/ha (4.9t/acre) crop on this field.” This crop was on quality upland soil. They have combined 65ha (160 acres) out of 240ha (600 acres).

While the upland areas are generally good, there have been flooding problems in the lowland areas.

“We were hit worse than most people, with one river flooding on to 100 acres (40 ha). We had to re-drill some of the area with spring wheat.”

Espace peas has yielded between 4.4-7.2t/ha (1.8-2.91t/acre), which was better than Nitouche, which yielded 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre).

Oilseed rape has been below average on the farm.

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