Have your say – August 2001

26 September 2001

Have your say – August 2001

Are we at war?

THE powers that be were told that the UK had to cut livestock farming by 40% before we where allowed into the EU.

How could our goverment manage this? Why are the goverment paying vast amounts of money for foot-and-mouth-infected livestock – 210 for a ewe with lambs at foot?

Maybe it is to
accuse farmers of infecting their own animals, once again giving the Government and their press ammunition.

I am very sympathetic to any farmers who are infecting their own livestock as the money involved is a once-in-a-lifetime get-out clause, and cannot be ignored as the goverment well

So once again, the likes of you and me sit here awaiting the next attack from the Downing Street gang allowing all the shame and ignorance to be placed on you and me.

I tell you, my next years tax bill will be very well thought-out. Do I want to finance a government that is trying to destroy my life? I am afraid the answer is no.


How much they hate us!

WELL said Andrew, exactly right (Haskins hidden agenda, FWi Open Forum, this page).

How these socialists hate farmers. Like all
other socialist regimes in recent history, they seem intent on destroying the land-owning independent-minded peasants like us.

Dick Lindley, Wakefield

Beef from Brazil

DO we really have to take beef from Brazil just because Blair has been there to tell them they must trade on the World stage?

So much for fighting global warming, and so much for backing British food production.

By the way, what is Brazils foot-and-mouth status right now?

S R Morris

Haskins hidden agenda

HOW much more do we have to take of Lord Haskins?

Hardly a day seems to pass without him mouthing various ill-judged remarks and untruths about British farmers.

Am I alone in thinking that the Prime-Minister has manouvered him into this positon with the intention of whipping up further anti-farmer sentiment among the general public, with the longer-term view of destroying the industry?

Andrew Caunce

Wheres the money going

WHY is Somerfield only paying farmers 1.65/kg for lambs ex-farm while I paid 12.99/kg for “Special Offer” chump chops in their store today?

Whos making the money here?

Sheila Coe

Why Mexico, Tony?

I AM very curious to know why Blair and family are holidaying in Mexico.

I understood from all his pre-election hot air that he was telling everybody that he would be spending his holidays in Britain.

So much for Blairs word. Can someone please update me on what is happening?

Barry Doney

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