Have your say, w/e 13 July, 2001

16 July 2001

Have your say, w/e 13 July, 2001

Sheep for early virus warning

AM I the only person who fails to see the logic of the advice regularly put out by DEFRA re the mixing of cattle and sheep (click here to see DEFRA advice on keeping groups of livestock separate).

We were told concerning borax that, even if it did work, it is illegal to supress foot-and-mouth, and it must be identified and reported.

But we are then told not to mix cattle and sheep, the implication being that our sheep might be carrying the disease and not showing it.

Surely we should be mixing cattle and sheep in an effort to pick up where the carriers are and eradicate the disease so that it doesnt smoulder on undetected in the sheep flock.

Also, what incentive have we to keep our stock away from our
neighbours (further increasing the pressure on limited grazing) if the government insists on a contiguous culling policy?


Northern confusion

WHATS going on ?

On the 6 July (Friday) evening my local vet phoned to inform me that all movement of livestock from Penrith to Whitby had been suspended.

When asked why he could not give a reply.


Agriculture and the Church

I AM looking into the role that the Church of England should be playing in the changing climate of British agriculture and the support that it can offer on both local and national levels to the farming communities.

If anyone has any comments, I would love to hear them – good and bad!

It is a topic which needs much debate and discussion from all areas and all concerned, so I look forward to hearing from you.


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