Have your say, w/e 16 November, 2001

19 November 2001

Have your say, w/e 16 November, 2001

Hedge help wanted

A NEIGHBOURING farmer has removed 20ft of a well-established hedgerow surrounding a field.

I have contacted the local council, who said the hedge is part of the boundary surrounding the curtilage of a domestic property, which is mine. I disagree with this as my boundary lies within the hedge.

My neighbour has replaced the hedge with a 6ft-high concrete
fence, destroying the wildlife that lived within the hedge, and has also managed to place a blot on the landscape of a lovely rural area.

I am dismayed that legally I have no say in this matter.

My neighbour informed me recently that she is to remove another section of the hedge to replace it with a concrete wall.

The hedge has been in place for over 40 years and it
appears she can do as she pleases. Please help me to retain our countryside and keep it as natural as possible.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

Joan Gillon


After foot-and-mouth

I AM interested to find out if many other sugar-beet growers have had the same enormous top tare results from the variety Wildcat as I have.

It appears that this variety has a growth habit that gives a very low lower leaf scar to which top tares are measured.

My average for other varieties this season is around 7%, but Wildcat is running at over 17%.

The harvester has been correctly set to remove all green leaf material.


Where are the prices, MLC?

I AM frustrated by the lack of available information on livestock prices.

The trade in slaughter stock continues and there is a certain amount of movement in store sales, but where can one obtain information to assist in a marketing decision.

The MLC never reply to my requests for information despite the fact that they continue to take a levy on stock sold.


  • THERE are few livestock auctions taking place in the aftermath of the foot-and-mouth outbreak. The MLC is not supplying its usual reports as a result.

    FWi will resume publication of MLC livestock market reports as soon as they are available. Deadweight prices are still available on FWi: Pigs and sheep; and Cattle.

    After foot-and-mouth

    I AM involved in a research project at the University of Newcastle which is looking at the future opportunities and threats for sheep marketing in the UK post-foot-and-mouth.

    If any farmers or supply-chain intermediaries have any comments they would like to make about the issues that we are looking at, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    We are interested in any critical insights in to the past and future of UK sheep marketing that will help us
    to develop a full and accurate picture of reality.

    So, please drop us a line if you would like to educate us with your experiences.


    Scouting for a camp site

    I AM leader of a Scout troop in London. I am looking for a suitable “green field” camp site for a summer camp.

    We need a large field (I dont know what size to quote) with access to woodland or a copse and fresh water. Ideally a large pond or lake in the vicinity would be an advantage for canoeing and rafting.

    Can anyone help?


    Fight the Animal Health Bill

    PLEASE can everybody who reads this sign the online petition
    against the Animal Health (Amendments) Bill here

    Also, please write to your MP as soon as possible. It is imperative that we all fight this Draconian bill and prevent it being made law.

    For more info re proposals, please visit www.warmwell.com.



    Beating foot-and-mouth – tell me what you think

    I AM currently researching the use of slaughter policy to fight foot-and-mouth, comparing the 1967 outbreak with the 2001 epidemic.

    I am also looking at the alternative/additional idea of the use of vaccination.

    What I would really like to know is how much people, primarily farmers, actually know about vaccination, anmd whether they feel they have been properly informed by the government and the NFU?

    Have peoples opinions changed regarding the use of vaccination since the start of the outbreak?

    The government, so opposed at the beginning, tried to introduce a vaccination policy in April, but was stopped by big businesses and the NFU.

    Do you agree with this decision? Did you ever agree with this decision?

    I have read most of the available information on the use of vaccination and feel that I have gained all the knowledge I can from academic literature.

    I feel, however, that I would benefit from farmers opinions on vaccination and the slaughter policies used in this country.


    Whos the pea-brain?

    JUST who is the pea-brain? Is it the farmer on under 10,000 a year, or the Euro-MP making stupid suggestions for 100,000 a year (Euro-MPs back tractor hours limit, FWi, 9 October, 2001)?


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