Help shape fly-tipping campaign with our survey

Farmers and landowners are being asked for their views on fly-tipping as part of an online survey developed in partnership with CLA Insurance.

The Farmers Weekly survey aims to find out how farmers perceive fly-tipping, the impact on farms and the countryside and what they consider to be the root causes.

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The insights will help us build a true picture of the scale of the problem on farms and inform the potential need for changes in policy and tougher penalties for people who discard waste in rural areas.

In April, Farmers Weekly launched Stop the Blot, a major campaign to tackle the illegal dumping of waste on our farms.

We are delighted to confirm that CLA Insurance, one of the UK’s leading specialists in rural and agricultural insurance, has partnered with Farmers Weekly for the campaign.

Stop the Blot

Fly-tippers are ruining our countryside and clean-up costs are crippling farm businesses. That’s why we have launched our Stop the Blot campaign to help raise awareness of the damage caused by fly-tipping and tackle the growing epidemic on farms.

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