HGCA releases 1998-99 home-saved royalty rates

By FWi staff

FARMERS with home-saved seed are reminded that wheat and oilseed rape will incur higher royalties next season.

  • The remuneration rate to be paid on home-saved wheat seed is increased by 32p to £5.08/ha. The rate for oilseed rape is increased by 31p to £8.88/ha.

  • The rate for winter barley is reduced by 3p to £3.74/ha. The rate for spring barley is reduced by 16p to 3.59/ ha.

  • The rate for linseed remains unchanged.

The full rates are:

£/ha 1998/99 1997/98 change +/- (p)
Wheat 5.08 4.76 +0.32
Winter barley 3.74 3.77 -0.03
Spring barley 3.59 3.75 -0.16
Oilseed rape 8.88 8.57 +0.31
Linseed 7.60 7.60

Source: Home-Grown Cereals Authority

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