Hogg values are declining

By FW staff

HOGG values are starting to slipnorth of the border, close on the heels of southern markets.

The exception may be United Auctions Dingwall market where old season lamb continues to dominate numbers traded last week.

Premium sorts weighing between 36kg-45.5kg saw trade average 90p/kg, with lighter types back at 85p/kg.

Suffolks were taking the best bids at up to ££46.50/head, Cheviots £45.80 and Blackface at £42.50/head.

At Thainstone market auctioneer Philip Reid says trade is slipping back as more new season supplies are forwarded. The latest entry of 400 head saw trade average 76.7p/kg, back 5.8p/kg.

“Theres a number of older lambs coming through and some have erupted teeth pushing values back from £40 to £27-£28 a head. Mainly, hoggs are looking fit and have a good level of finish,” says Mr Reid.

At Bagshaws Uttoxeter weekly fixture numbers have declined and a small entry took bidding to 78p/kg to level the days trade at just over 67p/kg.

Auctioneers are now seeing more mature hoggs entered and encourage producers to market lambs before teeth erupt, requiring carcasses to be split under Specific Risk Material rules and halving their value.

At Suffolks only liveweight sheep outlet, old-season supplies now represent just 14% of the 1000 lambs being marketed. “And prices continue to slip,” warns Hill Farm Sheeps Peter Crichton.

Mondays entry saw old crop lambs average between 69p/kg-74p/kg across all classes.

MLC daily market reports for early this week reflect the general down-turn in trade. Light lambs were down almost 5p/kg to 67p/kg, standard weight lambs down 1.5p to 74p/kg, and mediums back over 4.5p to just over 69p/kg.

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