How did your agronomist do in our quiz?

30 August 2002

How did your agronomist do in our quiz?

IS YOUR agronomist mustard or a bit of a muddler?

In our Arable Supplement last week, we gave you 10 questions to put your agronomist on the spot. Here are the answers, and our suggestions for next term.


1 Savannah – late September; Charger – mid-October; Claire – early September.

2 C

3a 1m, 3b 5m.

4 C

5 C

6 C

7 £40/ha

8 C

9 5C or less.

10 147kg/ha


9-10 Well done. You are getting good value for money.

5-8 Could do better. Are the areas of ignorance critical to your business?

3-4 Must try harder. If things dont improve look elsewhere for advice.

0-2 You have been taking advice from this person? We wouldnt let them fill in potholes, let alone recommendation sheets! &#42

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