How FWcolumns brought happy couple to the altar

14 February 1997

How FWcolumns brought happy couple to the altar

LAST spring cupids arrow travelled through farmers weeklys personal column. The result was a beautiful wedding and a happy farming family. "It takes courage to place an ad and to reply and we can recommend anyone seeking a partner from a farming background to do the same," says Lorna, the bride, who requests that surnames be withheld.

"I placed an advertisement in the personal column of farmers weekly on Apr 19. There were in excess of 20 replies which I had to consider and reply to carefully."

Responding to letters is very important, she says, even if they are not the person for you. "Always contact people," she advises. "Dont just leave them hanging on after they have made the effort to write to you.

"Within a very short time I met the most wonderful man," she says. "His name is Kelvin, a dairy farmer from Leicestershire. He has one lovely son, John, and since September we have been blissfully, happily married, working the farm together."

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