How to halve cost of rat bait

19 May 2000

How to halve cost of rat bait

GROWERS could halve the cost of rat baits around the farm by switching to a public health supply company, says Yorks-based Killgerm.

Historically, bait manufacturers have maintained the agricultural sector at a premium to other parts of the food chain, claims Killgerm marketing manager, Richard Brown.

But a recent change to legislation means public health pesticide distributors, as well as agricultural merchants, can now sell rodenticides to protect crops in store on farms. That gives growers access to what are often the same products in all but name at up to a 50% discount, he says.

A Killgerm backed web-site, allows growers to order at such savings and offers general pest control advice. Alternatively, growers can phone 01924-268590. &#42

Typical cost comparison

Product Public health Ag merchant

price price

Neosorexa £30/10kg £48/10kg


Slaymor £28/12.5kg £69/12kg


Tomcat £37/8kg £45/8kg

Source: Killgerm. Neosorexa contains 0.005% difenacoum. Deadline, Slaymor, Contrac Blox and Tomcat 2 Blox contain 0.005% bromadiolone.

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