Hunt law for private members bill

02 August 1999

Hunt law for private member’s bill

THE government has made its less likely that anti-hunting legislation will be adopted by the next election.

It has emerged that ministers have stopped the proposed new laws being bolted on to government legislation currently being prepared. Instead, it is now expected to take the form of a backbench bill – which is less likely to reach the statute book.

The Times reports that one minister, Jack Straw, the home secretary, did not want the proposed anti-hunting laws included in his legislation for fear his Bill would be hijacked by the debate to outlaw blood sports.

An earlier attempt by Michael Foster, Labour MP for Worcester, to ban hunting with dogs was overwhelmingly supported by the House of Commons in 1997, but was defeated because ministers refused to give it sufficient room in the parliamentary timetable.

The Guardian reports that the Countryside Alliance has warned its members to avoid aggressive pro-hunting protests against senior ministers and Labour MPs. The police are reported to have warned that protests are getting out of hand.

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