Iceland to import organic meat?

10 November 2000

Iceland to import organic meat?

by FWi staff

FROZEN food giant Iceland is telling shoppers that it plans to import organic meat and sell it at the expense of British farmers who are unable to meet demand.

The strategy is part of the supermarket chains high-profile pledge to sell organic food at the same low prices as conventional produce.

Iceland has already removed British-produced conventional vegetables from its stores and replaced them with organic imports from European countries.

Reports suggest that Iceland has been talking to overseas suppliers for the past three months in a bid to launch a similar sales strategy for organic meat.

The dearth of organic livestock producers in Britain means that Iceland cannot secure enough home-produced organic meat for its customers.

A member of Icelands Customer Care team confirmed that the supermarket is looking for imported supplies.

She said: “Its taking a great deal of time to set up but it is something that we are planning on doing as soon as possible.”

But a spokeswoman for Iceland played down the proposal. She insisted: “We have no immediate plans at the moment.

“It is one of the areas we have been looking at and we have been examining the economic viability. But we havent made any announcements yet.”

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