Ideal PC need not be costly

28 November 1997

Ideal PC need not be costly

WHEN it comes to buying computer hardware, dont waste hard-earned cash by spending more than you need.

That was the advice Geoff Ley of Sum-IT gave delegates at the Farm-IT event at Stoneleigh this week. "Spend as little as you can for the PC you need now," he said. "Dont worry about tomorrow."

And he highlighted the rapid depreciation of expensive kit. "Something that costs £2000 now will be worth half that in a years time – and probably £250 on the second-hand market the year after that. Junk the hardware and replace it," he said.

One way of saving money is to buy a reconditioned computer, he added. In many cases, these can be more reliable than a new buy – especially compared with those bought through the post from a newspaper. "They stand a one-in-10 chance of not working when they come out of the box."

Sum-IT currently offer a reconditioned Compaq 486DX desktop computer with printer and starter pack for £465 plus VAT.n

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