Impressive JD artics set to join UK line-up

12 November 1999

Impressive JD artics set to join UK line-up

NOT ideal for yard duties, maybe, but Deeres 360hp 9300 and 425hp 9400 articulated tractors – which join its UK line-up this autumn – should cover the acres effortlessly and impress the neighbours mightily.

Introduced in the US in 1997, they are powered by 12.5-litre PowerTech engines and come with a mammoth 973-litre (214gal) fuel tank as standard. Notable features include Deeres Field Cruise engine control (which allows the driver to maintain a constant engine rpm and ground speed for lighter jobs), and a telescopic steering wheel with a memory setting.

There is also ample storage for documents, IACS forms and other paraphernalia, as well as extra wiring for mobile phones, laptops, etc.

UK models will have a 12 x 12 gearbox and hi-lo splitter giving a 16% speed change in each gear. Now all you need do is widen the doors on your machinery shed. &#42

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