2 October 1998


&#8226 THE British Cattle Movement Service recently sent cattle farmers a list of agents who can register cattle movements electronically on their behalf. MAFF wishes to point out that the list should also have included York Livestock Centre – contact Roger Pearce on 01904-489731. A full list of those offering electronic data transfer is available from the BCMS on 0845-050 1234.

&#8226 COUNTY councils and local authorities should create genetically modified organism-free zones, according to the Natural Law Party.

That should include a ban on the use of GM ingredients in meals prepared by all council-run enterprises, including schools, health authorities and catering services for the elderly.

"The genetic modification of food is intrinsically dangerous," says Geoffrey Clements, NLP leader.

"It is completely irresponsible to continue to use GM foods, and particularly to expose our children to these dangers."

The party is writing to every county council and all directors of education urging them to impose a ban.

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