9 November 2001


&#8226 WITHDRAWAL periods for the antibiotic Synulox, used mainly for treatment of cattle and pig respiratory diseases, have been extended, according to a letter published in Vet Record.

When the drug, manufactured by Pfizer, is used in cattle and pigs destined for human consumption, the current withdrawal period of 14 days is being increased to 42 days from the last treatment for cattle and 31 days for pigs.This is due to use of new statistical methods for their calculation, explains Pfizer technical services director Tony Simon.

The withdrawal period for milk remains unaffected at 60 hours.

&#8226 A NEW sheep scanning protocol and contract work record form has been launched by the National Association of Agricultural Contractors to help scanners comply with DEFRA foot-and-mouth licensing requirements.

A copy of the protocol will be sent out with every new licence issued by DEFRA, or from the be NAAC (01733-362920). &#42

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