23 November 2001


uJOB loss figures from farming for the twelve months ending Jun 2001 are unlikely to be made available until mid-Jan. The statistics are usually released before Christmas but DEFRA said they would be delayed because of complications to survey work caused by foot-and-mouth disease.

uMORE than 50% of the apples and pears sold in most supermarkets are imported, claims Friends of the Earth. Out of the eight big retailers, only Waitrose buys more fruit from home than abroad, it says. Safeway, which came bottom of the league table, rejected accusations that only 25% of its apples were British, claiming that one in three apples sold came from the UK.

uTHE Countryside Alliance has attacked government plans to hold hunts responsible for the activities of saboteurs. Hunting will resume in Dec in disease free counties but only under strict conditions. Hunts must prove that all hunters and followers, including saboteurs, comply with the rules. The alliance said it was concerned at the "bureaucratic conditions" attached to obtaining licences and accused DEFRA of leaving hunts at the mercy of people dedicated to disrupting them. &#42

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