30 November 2001


&#8226 BOCM Pauls has sold the last two units of its pig production business, which at its peak involved 60,000 sows, to breeding and genetics company Rattlerow Farms.

The purchases at Winch and Mundford in Norfolk means Rattlerow now operates a total of 14 independently owned pig units throughout the country.

&#8226 PROVIMI, the Rotterdam-based animal nutrition firm with annual sales in excess of £800m, has announced the merger of four of its UK-based sister companies to form Provimi Limited.

The move, which combines SCA Nutrition, NuTec, Norvite Feed Supplements and Top Number pet foods, will strengthen the firms position in the marketplace, says chairman Tony Drake.


Cranswick plc has asked us to point out that the Cranswick feed mill mentioned as being closed in our article on ABFs profits (Nov 9) was known as Fishers Feeds of Cranswick. Cranswick Mill, part of the Cranswick plc group of companies, is totally separate and very much open for business. &#42

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