In photos: After the floods – return to West Yeo Farm

Two months after they were evacuated amid rising flood water, the cattle are finally back at West Yeo Farm on the Somerset Levels.

Farmers Weekly chief reporter Johann Tasker paid a return visit to see how livestock farmer James Winslade is determined to bounce back from the worst floods in living memory.

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See the photos below of then (during the floods) and now (after the floods) on James Winslade’s farm.

Floods - road

1. Beef producer James Winslade can once again reach West Yeo Farm without getting wet. Two months ago, the same road was passable only by boat.

Floods - caravan

2. It is unlikely that the family’s caravan and motorhome will see another holiday.

Floods - house

3. Although the water has receded, the farm house remains uninhabitable.

Floods - cattle sheds

4. Cattle are back in these sheds but it will be weeks before they graze outside.

Floods - shed

5. Water rose so fast there much machinery had to be left where it was.

Floods silage

6. Silage was left to the mercy of the water – ruining winter feed stocks.

Floods - silage 2

7. Like the rest of the farm, the silage clamp is gradually drying out.

Floods - sheds 2

8. Sheds are gradually being restocked with straw.

Floods Yard 1

9. The entire yard was left deep in water.

Floods - yard

10. Yorkshire farmer Jono Dixon travelled 275 miles to help with the aid effort.


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