2 April 1999


&#8226 A CUMBRIAN farmer has been fined £2000 after a slurry store wall on his farm collapsed, leaking 30,000 gallons of slurry into a nearby beck.

The incident took place last May at Temon Farm, Brampton. At the hearing, brought by the Environment Agency, the court heard that local A-roads were flooded to a depth of 15cm (6in) before slurry poured into the Poltross beck.

&#8226 ASSURED Combinable Crops Scheme subscriptions are to be collected in September, rather than July, in recognition of poor arable cashflows pre-harvest, says scheme chairman Jonathan Tipples. Fees are £95-350/year depending on farm size. Payment by direct debit will attract a £10 discount, or £5 for equal instalments made in September and March. Further price cuts are expected next year as efficiencies emerge in the schemes administration, adds Mr Tipples.

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